About Us


We at Five Element Décor™ are excited to offer a very unique product selection attuned to the energetic flows in your environment.  Specifically, each product is carefully analyzed and must meet 'Elemental' criteria - the backbone of our selection, as well as intrinsic beauty, functionality and other integral attributes.

With Feng Shui as our masterful guide, we know how to bring to life the intangible energies that dance about your space with relative precision.  Although we may call it 'placing Feng Shui remedies', it is truly an act of kindness to person & place through the harmonic convergence of the unseen and the seen.  There is no denying thought creates form, just as there is no denying our environment influences the smallest and grandest life experiences.

About Us

Kelly has studied with five Chinese Feng Shui masters to learn the wisdom of Flying Stars Compass School, Form School, Water Dragon Proprietary Formulas, Pa Chai, Chinese Astrology and other schools to affect both outer and inner energy fields to achieve optimum life benefits.

At Five Element Décor™, we utilize her expansive knowledge and experience to navigate the impact of the Five Elements, guided by their criteria of composition, function, shape, color and essence.

Because objects ride on the surface of the subconscious, they create energetic imprints on an unseen field that interacts with and is known by you. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed but it can be activated and accelerated, reduced (when negative) or redirected.

Doug shares with you his extensive product and manufacturing expertise to ensure your experience with our product offering is seamless.  His innate ability to recognize inherent beauty, well-designed craftsmanship and purposeful functionality ensure the high quality of the selection we offer.

We combine this knowledge with products that carry the resonating touch of the hand of the artist and incorporate environmental-friendly technologies such as solar where possible.

Feng Shui Tips

You will discover each product description offers recommendations on how and where to best use our products.  You may choose to follow our guidance or use your own. 

There are three aspects to consider:

  1. General guidelines - offer sensory, intuitional and essence-infused perspectives for product placement and use. 
  2. Specific recommendations - relating to your home/office's Flying Star chart.  This may be an area for which you consider having a Feng Shui Snapshot consultation since it requires a professional Feng Shui assessment.
  3. Annual recommendations - each year the Annual Flying Star chart significantly shifts.  Specific energies reside in certain locations and a product might be the perfect remedy for that location.  Note - these suggestions will change annually beginning with the Chinese Solar New Year - February 4th. 

All products are Feng Shui Approved by Expert Kelly S. Jones.    www.KellySJones.net     www.KJFengShui.com

You will also notice throughout the site products to uplift the Spirit.  We are multi-dimensional beings; as the Chinese say, we are in a dance with Heaven Luck, Human Luck and Earth Luck (the latter being Feng Shui!).  Thus we have chosen to incorporate all three levels in our offering through our books, DVD/CDs, Soul Readings and Akashic Record Consultations. 

Feel free to explore deeply these wonderful tools to uplift both home and heart.

We invite you to share our vision and join our extended family of friends.

Kelly and Doug


Five Element Decor™ is administerd by Kelly S. Jones, LLC.